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Looking for the best travel pillow reviews for 2017?

Then this travel essentials guide is for you. With the perfect memory foam travel pillow, your long bus trip or plane flight will be all the more comfortable.

That said, there are tons of good options out there – each made from different materials and in a variety of styles. As such, not every type will work for you. To make the right decision, use this travel essentials guide to help you get the best memory foam travel pillow:

Travel Pillow Shopping Tips

So, how does one make a decision on which foam travel pillow to buy? You need to think about the following:

a) Comfort

Consider the positions you fall into when you are asleep. This way, you will be able to find the most comfortable pillow for that position. 

b) Space

You also need to consider the amount of space required for the travel pad. Remember, memory foam travel pillows will take up a good amount of your travel space. 

c) Flexibility

Last but not least, how flexible you need the pad to be should help you make the right choice.

Best Travel Neck Pillow Reviews for 2017
The best memory foam travel pillows are designed to be used around the neck. They are popular because of their small, space-saving size, and relative ease of use. The head falls naturally to the shoulder when you travel by plane, making these pillows idea for head and neck support.

Follow below are some of the top neck pillows for traveling:

7. Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow

memory foam evolution pillows

Luxurious and attractive, the Cabeau comfortably supports the neck and head. It comes with 360-degree chin and head support, making it one of the best memory foam travel pillows on the market today.
Additionally, this evolution pillow is ideal on account of the extra features it boasts – including the memory foam and the accompanying ear plugs. With it, you should be able to drift off to sleep a couple of minutes after you put on the ear plugs.
The Cabeau is also convenient with regards to flexibility. For instance, it is small and lightweight, meaning it will not bog down your luggage. Further, it comes with a signature cinnamon roll design, meaning that you can easily package it by rolling it up.

6. J Pillow

side sleeper pillow memory foam
Another of the best travel pillows, the J-Pillow is designed for supporting the chin, neck, and head. As a result, medical practitioners highly recommend it.

It comes in two varieties: plush and inflatable. Shaped like a 3-D letter J, it will curl up under the chin to provide support to the head, prevent you from falling over in your sleep, and reduce the likelihood that you will develop soreness and stiffness.
With regards to convenience and flexibility, you can fold down the J-Pillow and squeeze it into the small space left in your luggage. You can also clip it onto your hand luggage because it comes with a snap loop fastener.
If you struggle with soreness and stiffness while traveling, this is the perfect pillow for you.

5. Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow

firm memory foam pillow

 On the other hand, the Therm-a-Rest is ideal for long haul trips. It combines the best of inflatable and memory foam travel pillows – providing the adjustable flexibility of an air pillow with the steady and sure support of memory foam.

Further, it features pressure mapping technology, a self-inflating mechanism, and die-cut foam in the midsection. All these details will make your journeys all the more comfortable by ensuring you get support where it is most needed. You can also adjust the inflation levels on the Therm-a-Rest depending on whether you want to support your back or neck.
Space-wise, this pillow is pretty lightweight meaning you can roll and stuff it in your travel bag.

4. Skyrest Travel Pillow

skyrest pure comfort memory foam pillow

 Inflatable, the Skyrest Travel Pillow is best suited for sleeping forward. Use it on a tray table, and you will be able to sleep well without having to put use your hands or a hard table surface as support.

3. Eagle Creek Transit Pillow

air travel pillow
Among all the memory foam travel pillows in this review, the Eagle Creek is the easiest to use. It inflates quickly and can fold up into a compact shape for fast storage – even in your daypack.
If you are looking for an inflatable pillow to support yourself while traveling, consider getting the Eagle Creek Transit Pillow. Apart from being comfortable, the Eagle Creek also works in a wide variety of positions.
Similarly, this pillow comes with a storage bag, folds up easily, and also works perfectly for anyone looking for a footrest mid-flight.

2. Compact Travel Pillow

air pillow travel
Although the Compact Travel Pillow looks and feels luxurious, it is one of the cheapest in the market. Like other memory foam travel pillows, it will take the shape of your head. As such, you will never have to bed it down to get comfortable.
It is also supportive without being too bulky for traveling with, making it ideal for back and head support. Rather, it is quite compact and can be folded up and secured with the accompanying drawstrings and flap.
This pillow is made using super-soft fleece and comes in a mid-grey color. As such, it will give you the soft surface you need to be able to rest while traveling. The Compact Travel Pillow also has an extra attachment designed for hooking it on suitcases and bags.

1. OUR PICK: Juicy Contour Memory Foam Travel Pillow

memory foam pillow contour

Juicy Contour also come with different selection of colors

Juicy Contour Blue, Grey, Pink

The last of these memory foam travel pillows, the Juicy Contour comes in 3 colors (black, blue, and rose). It is primarily designed to help you during those mid-flight trips when you are having a hard time falling asleep.

Further, this pillow uses quality Visco to improve performance and durability. The Visco construction will make it easier for you to fall asleep by supporting your neck, spine, and neck while offering you with a reliable - yet comfortable – place to rest your eyes and position your head.