Stubborn Mule


tapered moscow mule mug copperhammered hand made copper moscow mule mug


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      Cock n Bull the birth of Moscow MuleWhen I was finally old enough to go to a bar and order my first drink, it was known as the Moscow Mule. It was still early in the days of the revival period of that vibrant cocktail loved by many when it was initially introduced, and since it was suggested to me by the bartender, I decided to give it a go. It was a good entry-level starter, with hints of lime and ginger, flavors I knew well and was familiar with.
      The fact that it wasn't at all overwhelming to the palette, even more, myself as a novice, along with the extremely cool mug it was poured in, made it all the more enjoyable for my first drink experience.

      Regardless of the cool looking mug, more likely than not it was inauthentic. How do I know? Well, the Mule initially introduced and served in Russia, in limited edition copper mugs. And, after 74 years of being out of business, the family which initially introduced those ever popular mugs, have made their way back into the production process. What this means for those avid Mule drinkers is that they can grab hold of one of those limited edition replica mugs. In fact, we have a series, the hammered copper Moscow mule mug, you can order on our site.

      If you want your piece of history, which was initially brought over from the Soviet Union in 1941, now's your chance to get it! Better yet, you don't have to try to steal it from your local bar or pub to get your hands on one.
      Why not take some time to learn a little about the original drink which made these little vessels so popular? And, what better time than the rebirth of these Mule cups? So, here are five facts about the Mule, and how it came to be one of the most ordered, well-known drinks in Americana (and Russian) history.

      1. How was Moscow Mule made:

      A combination of 2 ingredients bar patrons wasn't buying at the time. The Cock N' Bull bar in Hollywood found itself in a predicament in 1941. The owner couldn't sell Smirnoff or bottles of house ginger beer he had ordered in mass volumes. At the time, Wes Price who was the bartender was trying to clear the basement out and voila, the drink was born.



      2. Those famous mugs we've come to love were truly a serendipitous stroke 

      An immigrant, Sophie Brezinski, made her way out to California with a total of 2,000 of these copper mugs. These were designed in her father's copper shop while she was living in Russia. She initially took these around LA, in an effort to sell them, until her husband finally tossed them into a trash heap.
      The winning bidders were buyers at that famous Cock N’ Bull bar. They were looking for something unique to sell their new drinks in, and the Mule Mug was born. Today, you can get your own Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug, and relive those days when they were so hard to get.


      Smirnoff Moscow Mule Vodka

      3. Smirnoff? The Vodka was Brought Back onto the Map

      A Russian ex-pat (who was almost penniless at the time) was the owner of the Smirnoff label at the time of the drink's inception. In 1939 however, only a couple years after the company was purchased by John Martin, it was introduced to the Cock-N-Bull bar. It was here where it became the premier choice vodka for patrons, because of the drink's popularity. For decades to follow, the premier vodka used in Moscow Mules was Smirnoff.


      Cold War The US & USSR

      4. It was considered to be one of the casualties of the Cold War (on certain levels) 

      The US & USSR stalemate as at its peak point when the McCarthyism era began. It was at this time that HUAC and blacklisting were taking place in Hollywood at this time. It was here, in the Mule's birthplace, where a rumor began to circulate around locals, that Smirnoff was, in fact, a Russian-made vodka.
      What happened at this point was local bartenders in NY plotting a boycott, refusing to use the vodka in the drink. It is a fun fact to note however that Smirnoff is actually not a Russian bred vodka, nor did it make its way out of the country. It was in fact from a small town called Bethel, Connecticut.


      5. A dance & jingle were created (neither of which were not too popular)

      smirnoff mule
      Although we don't know who the geniuses were behind this branding and ad effort, but in 1965, the Mule became re-branded and known as the Smirnoff Mule. Along with anything fresh, new, and hip (in today's day and age), it also came with its own dance and jingle. The dance was introduced by Killer Joe Piro, while its song was created by Carmen McRae.
      Although we can't say just how many copies of this have lasted through the years, but we can give you a little glimpse into some of the song lyrics which went as follows:
      "Stand stubborn/Stop sudden/Look cool. Turn it on/Take it off/The Smirnoff Mule." - Creative and catchy, right? Not so much, and because of this, the drink's original name was brought back, and the song and dance never really took off as its creators had hoped it would.
      With these fun facts, and with so much hype around the resurgence of that ever popular, ever loved Moscow Mule, it is highly likely avid enthusiasts of the drink are going to want their own Mug for the drink, right? So why not get your hands on the real deal, and an exact replica of that Mug which was initially introduced to our hearts, and our local bars, so many years ago?

      Final Thoughts

      Whether you are an avid collector of memorabilia, simply want your own cool looking mug, or truly love the drink, you can't pass up on the opportunity to own your own Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug. For those who would like to get their own Mule mug or a few to add to their drink collection or bar, you can do so right here. You can visit Moscow Copper, and see what all the hype is about if you aren't familiar with the mugs. And, for those who are, and truly love the design of these mugs, you can get your hands on one today by ordered with us here at Moscow Copper.
      Enjoy the fine taste of the cocktail, bottoms up!