The Top 14 Best Travel Pillows for airplanes

To tell you the truth, I'm one of the few people who can just fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and in any noise or light condition. I can turn any type of transport medium, whether it's a car, plane, or train, into my own personal bed and once I position my body in a manner that makes me feel even a little comfortable, I can fall completely asleep in just a few minutes. Of course, this is not something to brag about as there are a few downsides to falling asleep anywhere.

Awkward Sleeping Positions

For one, I've been spotted in several embarrassing poses where I end up drooling on a seat belt that is strapped across my face. However, the main downside is that I normally end up waking up with a neck that feels stiff, searing headache, and an almost numb lower back due to where to what I choose to lay my body on. Because this is a common problem that can affect anyone traveling long distances, it is best to get a suitable material that can help you achieve maximum comfort during your trip and nothing does this better than travel pillows. 


In today's market, there is an endless supply of travel pillows that are designed to provide you with the comfort you need so as to sleep better during the duration of your travel and wake up feeling refreshed with little or no pains from stiff joints. From neck pillows that are discreet and look like scarves to sleeping pillows that are inflatable and require a high level of self-esteem, below is a round-up of 14 of the best travel pillows which are suitable for all types of sleepers, from average to best.

14. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow. 

  Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow  

The Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow is a travel pillow that is well suited for people who prefer sitting on the window seat. Pull down the window shade and expand this comfort pillow a window seat sleep support that is perfect. It is completely soft, capable of packing to a fifth of its normal size, filled with urethane foam, and also features a comfortable, brushed polyester cover.

13. GoSleep Eye Mask Pillow Travel Kit.

GoSleep Eye Mask Pillow Travel Kit

The GoSleep Eye Mask Pillow Travel Kit is best suited for the bobble head sleeper who literally nods when trying to sleep. It has been designed in such a manner that ensures your head remains cradled and securely in place preventing you from nodding. Its eye mask is meant to attach to your headrest's back with an elastic cord that can be adjusted according to comfort. However, it is important to note that this pillow will mostly work well when there is no screen on your back seat.

12. Travelrest Ultimate.

 Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

The Travelrest Ultimate is a sleeping pillow that is completely shameless and does not hide the fact that you intend to take a long nap. While it may lack subtlety, it compensates for this in comfort as it shapes itself into a long shape similar to an apostrophe that fits comfortably across your body or over your shoulder when it is fully inflated. It can also deflate very easily to a small portable roll that is designed to fit into the handles of most types of carry-ons. 

11. Infinity Pillow.

Infinity Pillow

The Infinity Pillow is a game-changing pillow design by Huzi. It features an Infinity Symbol that can be wrapped in an unlimited number of ways. It is made of high-quality bamboo fabric that is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable. The Infinity Pillow can also be worn over your ears as it comes with noise canceling capabilities. 

10. Brookstone Convertible Blanket.

Brookstone Convertible Blanket

The Brookstone Convertible Blanket is an ultra-soft lightweight comfort travel device suited for cold seasons that features a box stitched design that allows it to retain heat so as to keep you feeling warm and cozy. It also comes with a strap built into it that can fold into a pillow so that you can transport it easily.

9. Cabeau Evolution Pillow.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is great for people who tend to get too hot during travel and need a pillow that is thick and fluffy and also capable of easily wrapping around the head. It comes with a sporty design which combines vents for circulating cool air, a Memory Foam Travel Pillow and also a fabric that wicks away sweat when the air conditioning vent if off or not working properly. 

8. Trtl Pillow.

 Trtl Pillow

If you feel that U-shaped pillows don't provide you with the support that you require during travel, then the Trtl Pillow will suit you best. This pillow comes with an inner rib that has been completely strengthened and is capable of fitting itself comfortably into any jaw, shoulder, or neck shape. Its size is half that of the common neck pillow and can also be machine-washed making it suitable for heavy sleepers who drool. 

7. AirComfy Travel Pillow.  

AirComfy pillow is a travel pillow

The AirComfy pillow is a travel pillow that has been designed to provide you with lumbar or neck support and also features an elastic band so that you can secure it properly to your headrest. It is great for people who have a little room available in their suitcases or travel bags as it takes up very little space. Simply pump it up to the level or firmness you would prefer and then pack it into its pouch or flat once you've arrived at your destination. 

6. Tumi Pax Packable Jacket.

Tumi Pax Packable Jacket travel pillow

The Tumi Pax Packable Jacket travel pillow is suitable for those travel purists who prefer to carry only what they would need on a trip as it is capable of converting into a neck pillow that can roll itself into a pouch hidden at the collar. When wearing it as a jacket, its quilted duck down insulation allows it to be resistant to both water and wind.

5. J-Pillow. 


The J-Pillow is currently the top best-selling pillow in most common online shops such as Amazon that has been made specifically to cradle your head and chin from the side. Even though its design might appear odd due to the fact that it looks like the tail of a whale, it will ensure that you remain completely rested during your trip.

4. Ostrich Pillow Light.

 Ostrich Pillow Light is best for light sleepers

The Ostrich Pillow Light is best for light sleepers who get easily annoyed by light or noise and prefer not to wear eye masks or ear plugs to deal with this. This pillow is fully adjustable and filled with silicon covered microbeads so as to reduce the amount of sound passing through it and ensuring that you sleep comfortably without any disturbances.

3. AERIS Neck Pillow Kit.

AERIS Neck Pillow Kit

The AERIS Neck Pillow Kit is mainly designed for light sleepers who want to make it clear to other people that they prefer not be disturbed when sleeping. Its foam molds are well ventilated so as to fit comfortably around any neck size also includes foam earplugs and a sleep mask that feels completely soft.

2. Critter Piller Kids Neck Pillow.

Critter Piller Kids Neck Pillow

The Critter Piller Kids Neck Pillow features fun shapes such as the lion shape, the alligator shape, the leopard shape, and many others. It is perfect for your kids as it doubles as a comfortable neck support and a lovable buddy for small travelers on long car, plane, and train trips. 

1. Juicy Contour Foam Travel Pillow.

Juicy Contour Foam Travel Pillow  


The Juicy Contour Foam Travel Pillow is designed for those people who always have a hard time getting any sleep when traveling. It is made from high-quality viscoelastic foam that ensures that you will be able to sleep for many hours with amazing neck support. It also comes in different colors that appeal to people of all ages and gender. The Juicy Contour Foam Travel Pillow can also easily roll up and fit any kind of carrying equipment such as school bags, purses, suitcases, hiking backpacks, and more, allowing it to be transported whenever or wherever you need it.

Juicy Contour Memory Foam Travel Pillows

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