How to Make a Moscow Mule

First, lets take a look at the history

In order to make a proper Moscow Mule, lets take a quick look at he the history of the Moscow Mule. A lady by the name Sophie Berenzinski was born and raised in Russia. She used to hang around her dad who used to work in a copper factory. During their time together, they started creating copper mugs and over the years, they produced thousands of mugs. Later on, she immigrated to the USA where she carried the copper mugs they had produced. Sophie was determined to sell the mugs in America.

Jack Morgan who owned the Cock 'N’ Bull pub on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

In 1941, Jack Morgan who owned the Cock 'N’ Bull pub on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California, was passionate about home brewing. He made his own ginger beer which was not popular at that time. He had a large stock and never knew what to do with it. John Martin was a regular at the club and the owner of the Smirnoff Vodka company. Vodka was also not popular at that time in the United States and he was also in the quest to find out the best way he could sell the product to Americans.

john martin owner of smirnoff

One day while John and Jack were sitted in the pub figuring out what to do with their products, Sophie who had spent her days in the USA trying to sell the copper mugs, walked in the pub. She introduced herself and the copper mugs to John and Jack. After they had discussed their products, they decided to put all the three products together to form a cocktail in a copper mug. On that very day, the Moscow mule was born, it's left to our imagination how many cocktails they drunk as they tried to make the best version for it to become a brand that Americans would love. They finally came up with a cocktail that was one part vodka, two parts ginger beer and a lime squeeze.

The Making of the Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule into a copper mug

For the last 7 decades, the Moscow Mule has become a cocktail culture that is appreciated worldwide. It is for the vodka lovers and cocktail enthusiasts who would like to taste something that is beyond their normal orders at the bar. It is also good for someone who wants something light that can shake them up for the night experience ahead or a chilled afternoon. It is an easy drink to make with very few ingredients.

The drink has a sweet fizzy taste, with a cold spicy taste to it. It can be served in various types of coffee mugs to keep it cold. We make the best-hammered copper Moscow mule mugs for anyone who wants to enjoy the Moscow Mule. 


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Here is How To Make a Proper Moscow Mule

The classic Moscow Mule has been improved over the years to have different variations. We are going to look at how we are going to make the original Moscow mule. The following recipe can be used.

Ingredients in how to make a moscow mule


  • 2 oz Smirnoff Vodka
  • 4 oz Premium ginger beer
  • Fresh mint
  • Candy ginger slices of fresh ginger
  • 2 lime wedges
  • Procedure in a cocktail glass
  • Squeeze 2 lime wedges into it and toss the wedges in the glass
  • Add three slices of fresh ginger which adds some amazing taste to the mixture.
  • Using a muddler, crush the wedges and the fresh lime slices at the bottom of the cup (This is to get all the juices and oils into the cup).
  • Add some ice to the mixture, pour 2 ounces of vodka and cover it up with a shaker and shake the mixture for about 10 seconds.
  • Add some crushed ice to a copper mug and strain the mixture earlier prepared to the copper mug.
  • Open a ginger beer and add to the mixture on the coffee mug until it fills the copper mug.
  • Finally, mix it all up together using a bar spoon.
  • Add candy ginger onto the mixture (This adds some nice compliment to the cocktail)
  • Add fresh mint to freshen the scent of the cocktail before you even sip the cocktail, and you can enjoy an original Moscow Mule cocktail.
In the modern times, you can try out using different vodkas in your Moscow Mule cocktail.

best vodka for moscow mule

There are the strict followers of the original Smirnoff vodka While it's okay to stick to it, you can experiment with others drinks.

With Absolute vodka, you might enjoy the oily feel, you might like the crispy taste of the Stoli or the flavour of Chopin. It all boils down to the mood you are in and what kind of vodka will accompany the feeling. Each vodka has a unique taste profile. You can try out the different brands and see which tastes you prefer best.

In our modern bars, bartenders get bored serving one drink at a time. they like switching things up a bit to deliver a variation of the same cocktail.

Some have switched the original vodka to use bourbon, Irish whiskey, gin or even tequila. Some have added Jalapeno pepper to spice up the cocktail.

Jalapeno Moscow Mule

Some have added fresh strawberry fruit to give it that sweet taste and others have gone as far as making the mule be in popsicle form.

Strawberry Moscow Mule Recipe

Get other Moscow Mule Recipes

The Moscow Mule cocktail drink is convenient for any occasion.

Whether you have a dinner party of you are at home having a wild night with your friends. The ingredients are easy to find and the process of creating it is simple. Purchase our affordable copper mugs that have an offer of 10% off, when you purchase 2 or more cups. Enjoy the original taste that was experienced in 1941 by the creators of Moscow mule, with our hammered copper Moscow mule mugs. Enjoy the fine taste of the cocktail, bottoms up!


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